How to Start A Camphor Tablet Making Business – Small Scale Business Ideas 2021

How to Start A Camphor Tablet Making Business – Small Scale Business Ideas 2021

In Indian culture, the camphor has always had a religious significance. The camphor is a crystal-like solid with a distinctive odor.  The camphor is obtained from the wood of the tree called camphor laurel.

The importance of the camphor table is very high in India. The camphor tablet is used in day-to-day life. In addition, during the time of the religious festival the demand for the camphor table increases in India.

Apart from this, it is also noticed that the profit margin of the camphor making business is also increasing day by day. The increased demand for the camphor table gives the camphor-making businesses a boost.

If you are willing to start a small-scale business, then you must opt for camphor making business. The camphor making business is the most profitable business that too with low investment.

So, yes today we are going to talk about the camphor making business. How to start a camphor making business. Stay tuned with us to know more about the camphor making business.

How to Start a Camphor Tablet Making Business

Today we are going to explain how to start a camphor making machine. After reading the complete article you will get complete knowledge about the camphor making business. The flowing topics will be covered.

  1. Ingredients Required
  2. Camphor Making Machine
  3. Business Total Cost
  4. Camphor Making Process
  5. Camphor Packing
  6. Marketing
  7. License

So, let’s get started.

1.Ingredients Required

Well, for making the camphor there is no large investment in the raw materials or the ingredients. The only raw material required to make camphor is camphor powder. The camphor tablets are made with camphor powder with the help of camphor making machine.

But you must be wondering, where to get the camphor powder. Right? No need to worry. We are here to solve all your problems. The camphor powder is available in the wholesale market. But you can contact us and get the camphor raw materials at the lowest price in India.

2.Camphor Making Machine

After obtaining raw materials, move for camphor making machine. Camphor making machine is a fully automatic machine. All you need to do is to place the camphor powder in the place provided in the machine and the camphor will come out in the form of a table.

The best part about the camphor making machine is that the camphor can be made of different sizes, and shapes with this single machine. The only thing required is the dies of different sizes and shapes. However, it is considered best to make the camphor of the same size that is highly sold in the market.

Now, the question that arises is where to get the high-quality camphor making machine and dies at the lowest price. So we must tell you that, we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of camphor making machines in India. Contact us today and get the high-quality camphor making machine at the best price.

3.Camphor Business Total Cost

As per the market, the camphor powder is available at Rs. 425 per KG. However, if you get it from the wholesale market you can easily get it at Rs. 300 Per KG.

Moreover, the camphor making machine range starts from Rs. 55,000. Apart from this, there are many other expensive and large machines are available. But if you are at the initial stage then the machine of 55,000 would be the best.

On average, based on the raw material price, machine price, and other expenses, the total cost to state a business can be up to 60 to 70 thousand only. You can start this business from your home also.

4.Camphor Making Process

The camphor making process is very simple. As the machine is fully automatic, most of the work is done automatically. An empty place is made in the machine where the camphor powder is to be poured.

The most important thing to note down is to take care of the quantity of the camphor powder poured into it. As long as the machine is running, the camphor keeps on forming the shape. 

5.Camphor Packing

It is very important to take care of the packaging process of the camphor. It should be packed according to the demand of the market. Generally, a small packet that contains 3 to 4 tablets is sold in the market.

However, other big packets are sold in the market. In this way, you can sell the camphor in a wholesale market.


Marketing plays a vital role in any business. The stronger the marketing, the higher is the profit margin. Moreover, the camphor is mainly used at worship places, so it is advised to sell the camphor at the market where the worship items are been sold.

So you need to focus on the quality of the products that will directly lead to the growth of the customers. And Uses some marketing strategies to survive in the market.


For starting a camphor making business, you need to get a license from the local authority. And If you are starting a small-scale business then the MSME certificate, Udyog adhaar, and many other.


In this article, you learned, how to start the camphor making business. We hope the step-by-step guide will help you in starting your camphor making business. 

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