Amazing Small Scale Business Ideas | Earn High Profit With L w Investment

The small scale industries play a vital role in the income of India. A large part of income in India is derived from small scale industries. Most importantly, the small scale industries are the fastest growing industry in India.

The major reason behind the growth of small scale industries is that a common person cannot afford the huge investment and still if they are willing to start a business, then they can go with the small scale business with the lowest investment.

One who does not have any business experience can also start their business on a small scale level. Many financial and non-financial institutions are lending loans to start small scale businesses. Moreover, there are many schemes provided by the government to start a small-scale business.

There are many amazing small-scale business ideas from which you can earn a high profit by investing less. So, today we are going to talk about the top 5 amazing small scale business ideas that you can start with low investment.

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Amazing Small Scale Business Ideas

Well, if we talk about small scale businesses then there are a lot of businesses that one can start. But today we will be sharing a few trending and the most profitable business ideas which you can start at a small level.

Below are the top 5 small scale business ideas:

  1. Slipper making business
  2. Paper plate making business
  3. Cattle feed making business
  4. Agarbatti making business
  5. Camphor making business

So let’s know in detail about all the above mentioned businesses.

1. Slipper Making Business

Among all the businesses the most profitable business is slipper-making business. In addition, the slipper making business is also the lowest investment business.

If you want to start a slipper making business, then you do not have to go for a large factory or any huge investment. You can start it from a small scale level. All you need to do is get the slipper making machine at the lowest price and get the slipper making raw materials from a wholesale market at wholesale price.

To start a chappal making business, you need to buy the machines like slipper sole cutting machines, Slipper cutting dies, slipper strap inserting machines, slipper drilling machines, polisher machines, and printing machines.

If you have these above-mentioned 4 to 5 machines then you can start your hawai slipper making business easily. Moreover, all of these machines are available at the lowest price. Contact us today and get the machines for your slipper making business at a reasonable price.

2. Paper Plate Making Business

The paper plate-making business is the fastest growing business in India. Moreover, the demand for paper plates is also increasing constantly. In every function, there is a requirement for a paper plate or a disposable plate.

Paper plates are highly in demand in India because the paper plates reduce the trouble of cleaning plates, these are lightweight, easily disposable, they are available at a low price and they are also an eco-friendly option.

So, if you want to start a small scale business, then you can go for the paper plate making business. The investment required to start w paper plate making business is very less and the profit earned from it is very high.

To start the paper plate making business you need to procure the raw material that is required, then you need to get the paper plate making machine. Both kind of manual paper plate and automatic paper plate making machine is available.

Contact us today and get the best quality of manual and automatic paper plate making machine at less price than the market price only at Sigmatech Engineering.

3. Cattle Feed Making Business

Another best small scale business idea is the cattle feed making business. With the cattle feed making business you can earn a huge profit. The need for cattle feed is increasing day by day. so if you are willing to start a business then you must go with the cattle feed making business.

The cattle feed making business is one of the greatest startup ideas if you want to earn a high profit without investing huge money. The main reason behind being the most profitable business is the increasing demand for cattle feed in the agricultural sector.

If you want to start the cattle feed making business, then get the best quality of raw materials from the wholesale market. Get the cattle-to-feed-making machine of the best quality from the manufacturers or suppliers.

We are known for providing high-quality cattle feed making machines at reasonable prices in India. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start your own cattle feed making business.

4. Agarbatti Making Business

The next most profitable low investment business is the agarbatti making business. The agarbatti or the incense stick-making business is one of the best businesses for startups. There is no need of investing a huge amount of money to start this business.

Moreover, there is a huge demand for agarbatti sticks or incense sticks in India. India is a religious country, and the need for the agarbatti is almost in every household and religious place.

So, if you want to start your own small scale business, then you should go with the agarbatti making business. It requires very low investment and still, you can earn huge profit from the incense stick-making business.

In addition, The materials required for making incense sticks are available easily in the Indian market. And Bamboo is the main material of the Incense Stick that is easily available in the Indian market. The agarbatti making machine is also available at the best price.

5. Camphor Making Business

At the next best, small scale business ideas are the camphor-making business. Same as the incense stick, the camphor is also a highly demanded product in India. The requirement for camphor is constantly increasing day by day.

Every religious places need a camphor table in bulk. So what’s better than going for a camphor making business? With the camphor making business you can earn high profit with low investment.

Moreover, camphor making machines are also available at the lowest price in India. The raw material required to produce the camphor tablet is also available at a reasonable price in India.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get a high-quality camphor making machine at a low price and start your own business.


In this article, we share some of the best small scale business ideas which you can start with the lowest investment and earn high profit. Some of the best small-scale businesses are slipper making business, Paper plate making business, Cattle feed making business, Agarbatti making business, and camphor making business.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you liked this article, then please share it with your friends and family. Don’t forget to like and comment on the same. Stay tuned with us for more amazing business ideas.

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