Steps to Start An Agarbatti Making Business | High Profit Business

Steps to Start An Agarbatti Making Business | High Profit Business

Agarbatti is one of the highly demandable products in India. Moreover, the agarbatti is used in different parts of the world as well. Other than India, 90 foreign countries require incense sticks.

After looking at this highly demanded agarbatti, then have you wondered what if you start an agarbatti making business? Yes, An Agarbatti manufacturing business.

If we look closely, then we can say that the future of the incense stick making business is very bright. You can earn great profit by starting an agarbatti making business, that too at very low investment.

The Agarbatti or incense stick making business is one of the best businesses for start-ups who do not want to invest a large amount of money. One can easily get an amazing stable income from the same.

But you must be wondering, How to start an agarbatti making business? Right. Then no need to worry. Today we will be sharing with you step by step guide on how to start an agarbatti making business. 

Steps to Start an Agarbatti Making Business (Incense Stick Business)

If you want to start an agarbatti manufacturing business, then below are the steps on how to start the same.

  1. Market research
  2. Business Plan
  3. Setting up the plant
  4. Obtaining machine and raw materials
  5. Registration and License required
  6. Agarbatti Making Process
  7. Marketing Strategies

Let us get the detailed knowledge about the steps to start an agarbatti making business.

1.Market Research

Before starting any business, it is a must to do proper market research about the business. So, if you are willing to start your incense stick making business, then you must first go for market research.

It is necessary to have proper and detailed knowledge about the market. However, India is the largest Incense stick manufacturing country in the world. And the demand for incense sticks is very high in the other countries like UK, USA, Nigeria, Latin America and many more.

2.Business Plan

After doing the market research, next, you have to prepare a business plan or business project. The main reason for preparing the business plan is to present a strong portfolio of your business idea in front of the financiers.

The important things that you have to mention in the business plan are space and the unit cost, machine requirements, raw material and other expenses, and profit estimation.

3.Setting Up The Plant

After preparing the business plan and doing all the procedures, next you have to set up a plant. Well, if you are starting with a small-scale business then there is no need to go for a large manufacturing plant.

You can go with a small factory where you can install two to three machines and start your business at the initial stage.

4.Obtaining Machine and Raw Materials

Along with setting up the plant, you need to obtain the agarbatti making machines and the raw material required for making the agarbatti. Go outside in the market and do research where you can get the machines at the best price.

In addition, along with the machines you have to check out where you can get the raw materials at wholesale price. Make sure to get high-quality machines and raw materials to make high-quality agarbatti sticks.

5.Registration and License Required

You can easily be an authorized agarbatti manufacturing company if you own a license and have completed all the legal registration processes. You have to check the laws and rules that need to be followed to start an agarbatti making business in your region.

After that, get the trade license, MSME Udyog Adhaar registration, the GST registration, a NOC from the city’s pollution control board authorities. After getting all the above-mentioned documents, you can legally start your business.

6.Agarbatti Making Process

To start manufacturing agarbatti, first, you need to finalize the agarbatti composition. However, the general composition of agarbatti includes 20% Gigatu, 20% Charcoal, 40% White chips, and 20% other ingredients and essential oils.

Then choose the fragrance in which you want to manufacture the agarbatti stick and then blend it with the composition. Moist the composition with water and then make a paste. Then with the help of an agarbatti making machine, you can easily manufacture the best quality of agarbatti.

7.Marketing Strategies

After manufacturing the incense stick, the last step is to do the proper marketing. You need to adopt proper and strong marketing strategies to make your product visible in this competitive market.

You can also adopt the strongest advertising and marketing plan for your Agarbatti making business. There are many marketing options available, you can choose any of them that suits best for your business.


In this article, you understood how to start an agarbatti making business by following few simple steps like Market research, Business Plan, Setting up the plant, Obtaining machines and raw materials, Registration and License required, Agarbatti Making Process, and Marketing Strategies.

We hope, this article was helpful for you. If you liked this article then don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Till then stay tuned with other amazing business ideas.

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