Toys and Cover Packing Machine

Toys and Cover Packing Machine

Sigmatech Engineering is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of toys and covers packing machines in Ahmedabad, India. We are supplying high-quality toys and cover packing machines at the lowest price in India.

Using this machine, you can pack many different kinds of products like a scrubber, brush, toys, dry fruits, spices, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get your toys and cover packing machine.


Product Details

  • Automatic Grade – Semi-Automatic
  • Paper Plate Size – Double Die Use 4-8 Inch both Die and Single
  • Output 1800 – 2400 Pieces in 1 HRS
  • Total Power – 2.5 KW
  • Power Source – 220v 50hz
  • Weight – 210 Kg approx.
  • Oil Tank Capacity – 30 LTR
  • Pump Capacity – 8 LTR
  • Motor Capacity – 2 Hp, 1/3 phase
  • Motor Company Name – Local
  • Raw Material – 80 GSM TO 250 GSM
  • Operating Type – Manual, Semi-Automatic


About Toys and Cover Packing Business

If you are a start-up or willing to start your business, then the toys and cover packing business is the best available option for you. This packing business is considered to be the best low investment and high-profit business in India.

Moreover, Get the Toys and cover packing machine at the lowest price in India only at Sigmatech Engineering and start your own business today.

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